Find Your Backbone And Your Wings

 People crawl in life. They live a routine life that is dictated by fear. They drift by, too afraid to bash on the walls of life. They accept things as they are and try as hard as they can, to muffle the music of their souls. They live in misery and boredom simply because they refuse to do what they were designed to do: fly!

If you have not started to really live and are simply existing; if you are still crawling instead of flying; if you are still reeling from the blows of life; then, it is time for you to find your backbone and start doing what you were designed to do. It is time for you to stand up and take what is yours.
Death is coming and it always catches up with everyone. Nobody comes out alive from life and so, what is there to fear? What really is worse than not living when you have the chance to live? What is worse than not dreaming when you have the chance to dream? And, what is really worse than not going after your dreams when it is the only chance that you will ever have.
Life is too short to start second-guessing. Life is too exciting not to enjoy it. You have a chance to really live. And you have a chance to really go after your dreams. Let it not go to waste, and let not the chains of fear drain life away from your soul.
Embrace the reality that is life. Ignore the illusion that is fear. Go after all your dreams. Let the song of your soul be heard. Find your backbone, spread your wings and take the jump. Feel the air caressing your wings, feel the breath entering your lungs and hear the sweet melodies of the songs of your soul. It’s time to stand, it’s time to fly.

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