Success Secrets: Your Special Problems Don’t Make you Special, Everybody Has Special Problems

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You hear them all the time: all the special problems that people think guarantee them special treatment. Dysfunctional families, abusive parents, unsupportive neighbors, bad friends, bad luck, a bad economy, an unappreciative partner, a bad boss, homelessness… and the list goes on.
What these are, is simply petty excuses. They don’t make you special. They just make you like everyone else. They make you just part of the wider mass of normal human beings. Problems are everywhere, and yours don’t make you special!
There will always be someone with a worse problem and there will always be someone with a better problem. But none of that makes a difference. It is just how life is. None of that makes you deserve anyone’s pity. Because guess what, everybody thinks they deserve it too.
What really matters, and what really makes you special is the ability to deal with it. To forge on no matter how violently life pushes back. To keep in the game and to keep playing no matter how many times you lose. To take punch after punch without being knocked out. That… that is what makes you special.
I may not write about you. I may not know your success story. You may not experience the 15 minutes of fame. There may be no flashing lights, no accolades… no one may even know that you exist. But that sense of worth, that sense of knowing deep inside that no matter what, you are going to live. That no matter what, you are going to keep going after your dreams with a vengeance, that no matter what you are going to survive… that makes you extraordinary.
Let the masses whine. Let the masses seek for self-pity. Let the masses try hard to find excuses for not getting things done. But do not join them. Let them do what they want, let them cry as hard as they can, let them feel sorry for themselves but don’t let yourself be like every other average passerby in life.

It doesn’t mean that when it hurts you shouldn’t cry. Please do cry when you feel like. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t scream and give people your piece of mind. What’s the fun in living without that? It doesn’t mean that you should stop being human with human feelings. What it means is that when it is all said and done, you should have the heart, soul and mind to go after what you want with a vengeance. To be who you were meant to be without any compromises, apologies or excuses.
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