Success Story: When Pickles Become The Knight In Shining Armor

success story of successful women

Jenny Fulton and Ashlee Furr were pinned to the jobless corner after they were laid off. The economy had turned life in their town upside down and they had fallen victim to its whims. Their fledging careers as stockbrokers had come to a sudden stop and all seemed gloom – that is until Fulton’s husband suggested that she take some time to make her favorite pickles for others.
There was really no option except to say “Yes I Can” simply because things around the town didn’t’ seem promising. The only other option was taking jobs that they were overqualified for, and even those jobs were not really that forthcoming.
They decided to pursue their new entrepreneurial venture by first attending classes at North Carolina State. After gaining the necessary skills and confidence necessary to put their ideas into action, they decided to do a testing of the market reception by giving people to taste them. The reception was great and so, they decided to roll their product out.

The two women formed Miss Jenny’s Pickles, a company that was to serve as a vehicle not only of their own success story, but the success story of a whole town. Their courage and ability to think out of the pickle jar allowed them not only to achieve financial freedom, but to also contribute to the reviving of a crumbling town. These women who had been plunged into the abyss of unemployment ended up providing employment to many.

Miss Jenny’s Pickles and its founders have been featured in 60 Minutes and many other major media outlets including Forbes Magazine. They have been able to export their pickles to countries worldwide and their success story and entrepreneurial spirit has inspired many. And it all started with allowing pickles to save them from unemployment.

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