Jeremy Schoemaker (Shoemoney) Success Story: Pushing The Boundaries For The Extra Mile

Founder of Shoemoney

He was once the high school 300 pound 14 year old that got teased for his weight, but over the course of his career as an internet marketer, Jeremy Shoemaker has not only grossed millions of dollars, but has also received accolades from across the industry. 

He has been named by Fast Company as its “Most Influential Person on The Internet”; by Business Week as the “Top Money Making Blogger on the Internet”  and currently serves as Facebook’s Board of Monetization and as an advisor to Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! This is in addition to being featured in over 50 print newspapers, 20 Magazines and television shows. He is a success and although the journey to the top was not always easy, he credits his mentality with being the major key to success.

As he tells it in his autobiography, Nothing Has Changed But My Change, he always had an entrepreneurial spirit from an early age – something which sometimes got him into trouble. His ever enduring search for “an angle” to “exploit people’s passion” and “leveraging his position” saw him engage in “insurance fraud” and also take advantage of BestBuy’s program which landed him in court.

His brushes with crossing the legal line aside, he went on to found and ShoeMoney Media, companies which ended up generating millions of dollars. He however gained a lot of fame, and traffic on his Shoemoney blog when he posted a $130,000 check from Google, which was a one-month Google Adsense earnings. He also later went on to found AuctionAds, an eBay marketing affiliate service that he grew to a multimillion dollar company.
shoemoney success story

Jeremy Schoemaker mainly credits his success to his ability to do what others were unwilling to do. His success with AuctionAds came as a result of being able to deposit $5 immediately someone signed for the product and being willing to pay people monthly instead of the 60 day wait that other competing services subjected their users to.
“I started with 1 website in 2002ish that grew to be the biggest mobile community on the internet and learned how to monetize it. I shared my journey on a blog and built a pretty authoritative site in the "making money online" arena. I leveraged that into starting my own advertising network and growing it until we sold it.”
“In the case of the husker football quiz it seemed pretty simple. In Nebraska all we have is the cornhuskers and people are die hard fans always debating stupid facts about former players. So making a site where people could test their knowledge to "win" something just made sense. Most people never know they can get a free subscription (to Netflix) just by going to the site or that I get $30 if they sign up.”

His ability to walk on the brink of the grey areas is also a key to his success with other advertising programs. As he admits, most of the things he did with Facebook adverts and programs he ran on Adwords were what most of his friends considered “illegal”. He tried them out and the two companies ended up making him a consultant. The same also applies to Microsoft and many other things he has dabbled in. 

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