Susan Boyle Success Story: From Susie Simple To International Sensation

susan boyle success story

Susan Boyle spent her early years being called “Susie Simple”. She was bullied in school and a learning disability led to her dropping out of school early. With little educational qualifications, the only time that she was really employed was as a trainee cook. This was for only six months.
She had a dream to be a successful singer and she tried to make her dreams come true. She sang at every opportunity she got. She sang in churches, in local pubs and at every avenue that could give her a stage. She also took singing lessons and attended Edinburg Acting School.
Confident of her ability to sing, Susan Boyle used all her savings to pay for a professionally cut demo for her music. She sent these to record companies, radio talent competitions, local and national TV; but nothing came of it. She had had a dream but nothing seemed to be working out for her.
When she clocked 47, age wise, she almost believed that she was too old to pursue her dream of singing. She had given up on making her life a success story. In fact, she had even considered turning away from the opportunity to sing in the British Got Talent show. But her voice coach convinced her otherwise.
Her decision to walk onto the British Got Talent stage was the turning point of the Susan Boyle Success Story. Her audition clip went viral on YouTube and it is estimated that within 9 days of her audition, he videos had been watched over 100 million times.
After the show, she went on to release her first album which debut at the number one spot in charts all over the world. This was followed by other albums that were equally successful and thus cementing herself as an international celebrity. All the years of being “Susie Simple”, the Karaoke sessions in pubs and her determination to not give up on her dream finally paid up.
Because of her determination and hard work, Susan Boyle is now a millionaire, many times over. She has also lived to see her dream of becoming as successful as Elaine Paige come into reality. More importantly, her voice has colored many people’s homes and she has made her contribution to the world. Her’s is an inspiring success story for all people who are still working towards their dreams.

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