17 Incredibly Amazing Larry Ellison Pictures That Tell His Billion-Dollar Success Story

Known to many as the Samurai Warrior of Silicon Valley, Larry Ellison has made himself a megalomaniac and a force to be reckoned with in Tech. Over the course of a four-decade plus career, Ellison turned Oracle from a small company into one of the companies powering close to about every sector of human existence. And in an industry marked by turbulence and near-constant change, Ellison has proved to be great leader as he clawed and grasped and battled to build Oracle into one of the biggest and most successful software makers in the world. Here is his life's success story in 21 pictures.

The early years

In the beginning: Larry Ellison as a toddler

Larry Ellison parents
Larry Ellisons' adopted parents

Larry Ellison young
Ever the explorer: testing himself against the Rocky mountains

Larry Ellison college
Larry hanging out with his classmates before he dropped out of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

larry ellison adopted father
Not really in rags, but still miles aways from his billion-dollar lifestyle: A grown Larry with his dad

Growing a billion-dollar empire

original founders of oracle larry ellison
The beginnings of the billion-dollar empire: Ellison co-founded Software Development Labs (later Oracle) with late friend and business partner Robert Miner and Ed Oates in 1977

larry ellison young founder oracle billionaire
Plotting strategy with his founding team

larry ellison and network computer failure
The launch of the NT4: Larry Ellison's big mistake

larry ellison oracle emerald city headquarters offices
Finally, the smell of success: He managed to build Oracle into a billion-dollar company, with head offices to match his new-found success

Larry Ellison's Billionaire Lifestyle

Larry Ellison wife
Larry Ellison and his fourth wife

Larry Ellison plane
Testing out his new private plane

Larry Ellison success Japanese mansion
 The Samurai Warrior' in his $200 million Japanese-styled mansion

larry ellison womanizer girlfriend
The billion-dollar power "couple": the billionaire with one of his many girlfriends

larry ellison american cup addicted to winning
Addicted to winning: the winner of the American cup - brought the trophy back to America after a 15-year trophy-less drought

larry ellison mega yacht rising sun
Larry Ellison's $377 million yacht, the Rising Sun, is the 8th largest in the world

larry ellison home private gold course obama tee
One of the billionaire's estate, complete with his own private golf-course

Watch this video for more on the incredible rags-to-riches success story of Larry Ellison:

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