Changing Career Gears After 40: Success Stories

Most people in life are usually too timid to take the jump when their souls require it. Most usually let the small voice of fear at the back of their heads convince them that it is too late or too risky. 
Some simply give up on wanting more. Most usually settle for what they assume is what life handed to them. Well, that is most people. But not these three. They had the guts to follow their inner voices. They mustered the courage to spread their wings, and now, they are flying.

Success Story #1: Joel Greenwald, From Physician To Financial Planner
Joel Greenwald had been working as a physician for over 10 years when he decided to make a change. This was inspired by both the waning passion for the medical field and a deep-seated desire to spend more time with his kids.
But Joel didn’t just take a blind plunge into the abyss of the unknown. He started by first enrolling into a financial planning course in Denver. This was while still practicing as a physician. After taking his exams years later, at 38, he started working part-time as  a financial planner and eventually made a full transition when he was 40.
He ended up working as a financial planner for most of his colleagues and people in the profession he had left. With his contacts and the support of his wife during the transition period,  he was able to create a firm foundation and right now, he enjoys doing what he loves in addition to getting the financial returns that make him smile.
Success Story #2: Nancy Berk, From Professor To Stand-Up Comedian
When she decided to quit her career as a clinical psychology professor, she was scared. Especially because of the financial repercussions of her decision to make a career change at the age of 45, and not for another stable job, but for a job as a stand-up comedian.
“Luckily”, she and her husband had saved over the years, and while she took a hit during the first years, things eventually stabilized. In fact, she credits her success as a stand-up comedian and a humor to her experience in the field of psychology.
To cut a long story short, the gamble paid off. She is right now a successful writer and comedian who reaps the fruits of her guts. She writes for the Huffington Post, USA Today and other nationwide publications all over the country.
As she puts it, being able to follow her heart and take the leap of faith has led her to an “emotionally, financially, and creatively profitable” career. 

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