The Life and Success Story of Mark Cuban In 21 Pictures

Starting off by selling garbage bags, Sunday newspapers and stamps at the age of 12, Mark Cuban is now one of the few people on the planet that can boast of having more than a billion dollars to his name. He is the billionaire-entrepreneur star of Shark Tank and the owner of Dallas Mavericks.

Here is his life in 21 pictures.

Far from the chubby kid. This is a photo of the young Mark Cuban taken by an old ex-girlfriend

Drinking and partying was the order of the day during his early years.

Started motleys Pub before his senior year in college (wasn't even of a drinking age). This is the line to his sophomore year entrepreneurial efforts.

The girl that sunk a successful college business. She was underage, on probation and a prostitute. She got Mark Cuban, and his college mates busted

The Crowd of six. this is just after graduating. they all lived in one apartment, with Mark Cuban sleeping on the floor. one of these guys would later disappear with their rent money.
"All smiles"
During the bar-tending period. 

"No job. No money. No way to pay the bills. But I did have nice towels." - Mark Cuban Quote in his book.
This is after just being fired from his sales job.

After being fired numerous times, he admit that he is a horrible employee. He teaches himself to code. these are the early stages of MicroSolutions

Celebrating the sale of MicroSolutions to CompuServe with Martin Woodall

With Todd Wagner in the early days of AudioNet, which became

He works hard, but also plays hard. Here, Mark Cuban is training for "Dancing With The Stars" TV Show.

"All eyes on me!"
In action during the competition. He is having fun, and he loves it. 

He writes a book about his life experiences. It has great gems of wisdom.

His Gulf Stream.

"When I’m 90, will I smile when I think back, or will I frown and regret not having done it?" 

"Success is about making your life a special version of unique that fits who you are —not what other people want you to be." - Mark Cuban Quote

The picture is never complete without a multi-million dollar mansion.

The company he can afford to keep.
With President Barack Obama in the White House.

Mark Cuban becomes a shark on the TV show: "Shark Tank. 

This picture is worth a billion words. The billionaire, his wife and his daughter