The Life and Success Story of Mark Cuban In 21 Pictures

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Starting off by selling garbage bags, Sunday newspapers and stamps at the age of 12, Mark Cuban is now one of the few people on the planet that can boast of having more than a billion dollars to his name. He is the billionaire-entrepreneur star of Shark Tank and the owner of Dallas Mavericks.

Here is his life in 21 pictures.

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Far from the chubby kid. This is a photo of the young Mark Cuban taken by an old ex-girlfriend

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Drinking and partying was the order of the day during his early years.
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Started motleys Pub before his senior year in college (wasn't even of a drinking age). This is the line to his sophomore year entrepreneurial efforts.

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The girl that sunk a successful college business. She was underage, on probation and a prostitute. She got Mark Cuban, and his college mates busted

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The Crowd of six. this is just after graduating. they all lived in one apartment, with Mark Cuban sleeping on the floor. one of these guys would later disappear with their rent money.
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"All smiles"
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During the bar-tending period. 

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"No job. No money. No way to pay the bills. But I did have nice towels." - Mark Cuban Quote in his book.
This is after just being fired from his sales job.
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After being fired numerous times, he admit that he is a horrible employee. He teaches himself to code. these are the early stages of MicroSolutions

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Celebrating the sale of MicroSolutions to CompuServe with Martin Woodall

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With Todd Wagner in the early days of AudioNet, which became

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He works hard, but also plays hard. Here, Mark Cuban is training for "Dancing With The Stars" TV Show.

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"All eyes on me!"
In action during the competition. He is having fun, and he loves it. 

He writes a book about his life experiences. It has great gems of wisdom.

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His Gulf Stream.

"When I’m 90, will I smile when I think back, or will I frown and regret not having done it?" 

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"Success is about making your life a special version of unique that fits who you are —not what other people want you to be." - Mark Cuban Quote

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The picture is never complete without a multi-million dollar mansion.

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The company he can afford to keep.
With President Barack Obama in the White House.

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Mark Cuban becomes a shark on the TV show: "Shark Tank. 

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This picture is worth a billion words. The billionaire, his wife and his daughter.

However Brief A Moment, Make It Count

Life is short, time is a commodity that is limited and however well you choose to spend your time, is what is your life.
Every day that you live, you move closer to the grave.
Every second that passes, that is your life passing.
Inch by inch, you are moving away from the world.
For whichever brief moment you have here on earth, I say, make it count!
Do whatever it is that you have always intended to do.
Reach towards all that you have intended to go after.
No tomorrows, No another days.
Here and now is what you have.
Here and now is what you are.
For whichever brief moment that you are
For whatever time that you have on the face of the earth
Shine bright and glow
Free from the chains of fear and worry
Make it count!
For you only have this time to shine

For you only have this moment to really live.

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One of the only three people to be inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame, Seth Godin is a master marketer. He is a successful serial entrepreneur, who has founded companies such as Squidoo and Yoyodyne (which he sold to Yahoo for over $30 million in 1998).

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The 10 Free Books Plus Best Selling Success & Motivational Books By Seth Godin

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This is the ultimate motivational and success guide to truly walking the entrepreneurial path.

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It's a short take on how to use the new online marketing tools to make any website work more effectively. An easy read that you will definitely enjoy.

#3. Who's There 'How To' eBook By Seth Godin

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With real life stories and illustrations, Seth Godin tries to sell you hard on how building a blog asset can have a spectacular impact on you, your career, your organization and your ideas. 

#4. Brainwashed(14 pages)

You have been brain washed. Find out how , why and how you can reinvent yourself.

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#5. Insubordinate

The success stories and illustrations are irresistibly motivating. It is a 43 page ebook about being a linchpin everywhere you look.

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“The surefire way to achieve excellence, then, is not to create a written spec and match it. The surefire way is to be human. To be artistic. To make a connection with the customer and to somehow change them for the better.”

#6. UnleashingThe Ideavirus

The breakthrough on how ideas spread. Possibly the most downloaded ebook ever.

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This is a collection of the best ideas and inspirational messages from over seventy big thinkers. It is a book about ideas on how to acquire a different way of thinking, a useful way to focus and the energy to turn the game around.

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#8. Flipping the Funnel

This is an extension of Seth Godin’s best sellers: Ideaviruses and Puple Cow. It explains the real life application of ideas expounded in those books in relation to social media tools (flickr,, squidoo and others).

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#9. Everyone Is An Expert

If you liked his other books, everyone is an expert will also be a great read, especially on the subject of lenses. It’s an easy and fun read.

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#10. Stop Stealing Dreams (What Is School For?)

"Fitting in is a short-term strategy; standing out pays off in the long-run."

Must Reads: Seth Godin’s All Time Best Sellers


Captivating and thought provoking, this is a book about love and art and change and fear. It's about overcoming a multigenerational conspiracy designed to sap your creativity and restlessness. 

Learn a different way of seeing, giving, a different way of making a living and doing it all without leaving your job (if you don’t want to).

Tribes:We Need You to Lead Us

Who is going to lead us? The explosion in tribes means that anyone who wants to make a difference now has the tools at her fingertips. Don’t turn into a sheepwalker. . . . It’s not easy, but it’s easier than you think.

A rant, a manifesto, a description of the end of the industrial world we grow up in and most of all, a call to take advantage of the opportunities that lie before us. Go make a ruckus.

Other Best Sellers by Seth Godin:

The Dip, Purple Cow, Permission Marketing : Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers, and All Marketers Are Liars

The Only Key To Success: Every Broken Winged Bird Must Learn How To Fly

Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.
-Langston Hughes
Life tries to beat them out of us. Society and its expectations always succeeds in convincing us to muffle them. But they are never really beaten out. And they are never really muffled. For once we have dreams, once there is something that the soul yearns for; there is really no turning back.
If you don’t go after your dreams, they shall always be there to torment you. If you don’t go after each and every one of them, there shall always be a hole in your heart to remind you that there is a part of you that is missing. In short, you will never really know how success tastes unless you tap your dreams and let them fly into reality.
Hold onto your dreams, because they are the only light at the corner of every dark tunnel of life. They are blueprints to satisfaction and completeness in life. They are the only keys to success in life. Without them, you are nothing more than the trillions of people who simply drift through life.
The only key to true success is allowing your dreams to merge with reality. Nothing else will suffice, no matter how successful society thinks you are. Nothing else will really make you stand out. Nothing will make you special except your dreams.
If you have tried to muffle them, if you have made the mistake of letting other trample upon them, if you have tried to drown their screams, if you have tried to hide them; it is time that you stopped. It is time that you learnt to embrace each and every one of them because they are you.

It is time to learn how to fly on their wings!

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Taking Off the Gloves Is Sometimes The Only Way To Success In Life

In life, it is good to take calculated risks. That is the intelligent thing to do. Not to push too hard. Not to come on too strong. To pay the necessary respects. To observe the expected courtesies. To take the right and sure way. To be patient.
Sadly, that is not what leads to extraordinary levels of success. Giving punches the right way and taking the methodical approach to life sometimes just doesn't give it a knockout. It sometimes just doesn't work. And if you have tried it and it doesn’t, it may be time that you took off the gloves and went after the thing you want with a vengeance.
Taking off the gloves may not guarantee that you will not get hurt in the process. You may get disqualified. You opponent may take off his and it may lead to a bloody fight. It may also seem rash or irrational. But what is the fun in taking a boring route that does not give you what you want?
Sometimes letting your all out is what is necessary to get what you want. Most times, it is the only thing capable of allowing you to shine in your full glory. Because sometimes, only momentum can win the day. It is sometimes the only sure road to success.

Is there something you want? How badly do you want it?

Writing Your Success Story: When Things Don't Work Out, Do You Break?

success stories are written by persisters

Every great success story is usually preceded by a breakdown. Things don’t always seem to work out at some point. And the lengths of these points vary: it takes a year for some, months for others and years for most.
The only reason we usually end up talking about them though is because of the simple fact that the writers of these success stories never stopped writing when things seemed hardest.
The reason we like to see them, to hear them, to watch them and to want to be like them is simply because despite the periods of hardship that these people faced, they were always able to come back and complete their stories on their terms. That is why they are inspiring.
You have probably heard the story of Edison so many times that you don’t really appreciate what it means to try and fail 10,000 times. It is failure after failure and trial after trial. Talking about it is easy. Writing about it is also easy. But failing those many times and still having the courage to try again, that isn’t.
Failure is nasty. It’s bitter. It’s disgusting. But success isn’t. And the only way to get success is to get up and try again and again until you finally have a taste of the success that you want from life.
The Steve Jobs' success story has been termed one that can only happen in America. But we wouldn’t really be celebrating the guy as one of the greatest personalities of this century if he had stopped at building the first Apple machine. People wouldn’t be repeating his story so many times if it weren’t for the fact that he kept on investing in Pixar over and over again despite the fact that the company wasn’t making any money.
If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t have had the financial muscle to make a total comeback to Apple and create the bounce-back of the century. And none of that would really have happened if he had decided to simply enjoy his wealth after being kicked out of Apple.
Michael Jordan is arguably one of the greatest sportsmen ever. Years after his retirement, he still makes over $80 million a year. But what really makes his story so wonderful to read and what makes him command so much respect is the fact that he had it in him to bounce back in style.
After being kicked out from high school team, he did the work and was able to be picked the next year. After his father died, he retired; but he found himself strong enough to go back to the game he loved. That first year back he didn’t really win the title, and many people were jeering saying that he was done and that his retirement had undone him. But he bounced back. He didn’t break. He bounced back and finished up his story. Time and time again when he felt it was incomplete, he went back and completed it. That is why many people consider him a legend.
Colonel Sanders had really done much in his life. He had tried a lot and failed. His wife left him because she thought he was a loser who could hold no job. He tried many ventures which succeeded for a time and then went under. He did this until he reached his retirement age. He received his retirement check from the US government as something to keep him comfortable as he waited to die.
To all, there was really nothing more to be done. He was old, he had lived well and had enjoyed some relative successes. Only he knew that there was still something more in him. There was more to his life story other than the “normal” life he had lived. Things had seemed to come to a standstill, but that is when he picked himself up and completed his success story by establishing one of the most successful franchising enterprises in American history. A billion dollar corporation resulted just out of an old man’s determination to write the last lines of his story on his own terms.

Things won’t always work out. Good things will not always happen. Things will not always happen perfectly according to the little plans in your head. This is a fact. It is just the way life is. However, the question is: will you break? Will you let the little extended dry patches deny you the opportunity to write your life’s story on your terms? When things don’t work out, will you crumble?
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