Do You Have The Balls To Do What It Takes To Write Your Success Story?

Do you have the balls? Do you have the balls to take the jump? Do you have the balls to continue rolling despite the punches that life lands on your face? Do you have the balls to continue pounding? Do you have the balls to be the hero that has the happy ending?
Do you?
In life, fear plays the antagonist in the story of success that you write each and every day that you are alive. It’s just that it is up to you to decide whether you are going to let it win, or whether no matter what, you are going to ensure that the hero in the story gets the happy and glorious ending that he or she deserves.
If you haven’t yet started to push the boundaries; If you haven’t yet started to go beyond the miserable comfort zones of your life; If you haven’t yet put in motion that great idea that is in your mind; And if you haven’t done or said something because of “what Ifs” and “Not Nows”: then you are wasting away a good success story – your success story.
Everybody wishes. Everyone has dreams. Everyone in the world today aspires. But simple wishing, dreaming and aspiring gets nobody anywhere. In fact, all it does is to add you to a long list of: So What!?. It just makes you ordinary. Nothing more!
Are you really going to let yourself be the everyday average pedestrian in life who was too afraid to go after what he or she, wanted? Are you going to be among the masses who never had the balls to stand up and be counted? Are you going to be the potential hero in your life who never had the guts to see things through? Are you?

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