It’s Time To Toast

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It is time for you to declare war on anything that lets you rot. It is time for you to start moving away from the quicksand that is boredom. Normal doesn't suit you. And neither does being the average pedestrian in life who simply drifts by.
It is time to start living. Stop the nonsense that amounts to simply existing. Stop the mediocre lifestyle whose aim is to try to make you fit in. Of course you were born original, but without the guts to actually let the song of your song be heard, you are nothing but a boring sketch of routines.
What is it you want? What is it that your soul longs for? What is it that elevates you into the living lane? What is it that makes your spirit stir? How high are the castles that you have built in the air?
There is more to life than simply trying to fit in. And there is definitely more to living than to simply allow yourself to be a slave to fear. There is more to life. And deep down you know it. There is more in you to give and deep down your soul knows this.
Don’t wait for some inspiration because all you need is within. Don’t wait for the moment to be perfect because there is no fun in that. And don’t wait for tomorrow because it never comes. There is only now, and now is all you have. Now is the perfect time to start building foundations for the castles you have built in the air.

So, let us make a toast to the future you. Let us make a toast to the braver you. Let us make a toast to those castles in the air. Let us make a toast to all the dreams that you are going to make into reality. Let us make a toast to your success story.

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