However Brief A Moment, Make It Count

Life is short, time is a commodity that is limited and however well you choose to spend your time, is what is your life.
Every day that you live, you move closer to the grave.
Every second that passes, that is your life passing.
Inch by inch, you are moving away from the world.
For whichever brief moment you have here on earth, I say, make it count!
Do whatever it is that you have always intended to do.
Reach towards all that you have intended to go after.
No tomorrows, No another days.
Here and now is what you have.
Here and now is what you are.
For whichever brief moment that you are
For whatever time that you have on the face of the earth
Shine bright and glow
Free from the chains of fear and worry
Make it count!
For you only have this time to shine

For you only have this moment to really live.

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