Being the Captain of Your Soul When It Comes To Success

People daily chase an illusion when it comes to one of the most important things in life: success. They always get it all wrong because of the simple fact that they never take time to deeply consider what they really want from life. They are way off the mark because they simply chase after something that they really do not know how it looks.

Success is many things. It is more than the simple acquisition of things. In it, there is experience, evolution and existence. It is more of the merging of one’s dreams with reality, rather than getting the mere social approval in the world. It is something that elevates a person’s frequency of existence. This therefore means that simply working towards goals and aspirations because everyone else is doing the same thing will lead you no closer to success – even if you come out at the top.

To be successful, you have to get the basics right and to get the basics right, there is no other place to look except inwards. This is so because it is the soul that really knows what you want. Therefore, knowing what you really want from life is the starting place of all success. Getting your compass in order is the only way that you can be sure that you will arrive at the right destination. If you get the direction wrong, then, it doesn't matter really how fast or how far you go, you will never really “arrive”.
While success is usually externally evaluated, it is a wholly internal experience. Being the captain of your soul and the master of your destiny all lies in how well you can navigate your life so that at all times, you get to experience both satisfaction and fulfillment. In short, it is all a matter of what makes you happy and satisfied. This is the true measure of success and it is the major yardstick that the universe uses. It is what your soul will use when you are in your deathbed and ultimately, it is what you will use to judge how much success you have achieved in this world.

The starting place is the soul. It is only by knowing how to captain your soul that you will be able to be the master of your destiny. It is also the only way that you can really experience and evolve the way nature and the universe intended.

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